Apple to Announce Its Entry Into the Digital Textbook Market

Apple may be planning to announce its entry into the digital textbook market at its planned New York media event that will take place later on this month.

The company could announce new partnerships with various publishers who create textbooks for educational establishments.

Two tech blogs, including AllThingsD and TechCrunch both feel that this is the reason Apple scheduled this upcoming media event in New York. It will focus on the introduction of the iBookstore, rather than hardware such as the iPad 3. The announcement for the tablet should happen sometime later in the year.

Steve Jobs planned to change the face of the textbook market citing that as one of his main goals with technology before his death. Walter Isaacson writes about this in Jobs biography. “His idea was to hire great textbook writers to create digital versions, and make them a feature of the iPad. In addition, he held meetings with major publishers, such as Pearson Education, about partnering with Apple,” read a passage from the book.

MacRumors also reported that Apple recently filmed “a series of short interviews with textbook industry executives.” The blog also stated that these interviews are similar in style to those seen frequently in Apple’s promotional videos for new products and services.

Tech site 9to5Mac also weighed in on the matter adding that the iTunes team are in “lockdown mode” as the event approaches.