Are You Ready for Judgment Day?

 Solomon wisely wrote 3000 years ago, "There is a time for everything." (Ecclesiastes 3:1) And with that in mind my friend, may I encourage you to realize that now is the time to ask for God's mercy. We are still living in a day where your request can receive mercy and forgiveness. The time is coming, however, when each one of us will come before the Judge. And on that day, those without a white robe will no longer have the opportunity to accept Jesus and receive mercy.

"You're just a sensationalist, and an extremist. Don't bother me with your opinions about a so-called 'Judgment Day' or end of time scenario. I don't buy it. It's all just a myth."

Well that is certainly one way to look at it. And many do look at it just that way. They figure, "If I can't see it today, and if it doesn't make sense to me, then it must be just a figment of some religious fanatic's imagination."

But what does God say about it? After all, He knows what is true and what is false. And He knows exactly how it is going to go down at the end of time.