Armed McDonald's Manager Robs Own Restaurant

A McDonald's manager has been charged with robbing two McDonald's restaurants, including the one he managed. Felix Gonzalez-Becerra was arrested after fleeing the scene of the second robbery.

Becerra was charged with holding up a McDonald's restaurant in San Mateo and Pleasanton, Calif. He reportedly made his employees get into the freezer at the restaurant while armed; he took money from the store before leaving. Five days later he attempted a similar action at another location, but was caught while fleeing from the scene.

Becerra wore a hoodie and used a replica handgun to open the safe at the second location and then hand over the money. During the previous robbery, he climbed through the drive-through window while wearing a mask and confronted employees. He forced them into a freezer while he robbed the store.

"The suspect in this case [the San Mateo robbery], entered the restaurant and pointed a revolver at employees, ordered them into the freezer and then held the manager at gunpoint while ordering him to open the cash register," police said in an official statement.

Becerra has reportedly confessed to both crimes and is being held at the San Mateo county jail. According to employees, he never missed a day of work after the robberies.

It was an employee's description of the robber that led police to link Becerra to both crimes.

"The employee said, 'He had similar eyes to our manager,'" Pleasanton Police Sgt. Kurt Schleuhuber told The San Mateo County Times. "We were looking for him, and couldn't find him because he was sitting in jail in San Mateo."

Multiple counties will seek file charges against Becerra for the robberies, given that the crimes took place in two separate areas. It's unknown what led Becerra to commit the crimes or how much time he could serve. Employees were surprised to learn their former manager was involved in the crime, to say the least.