'ARMS Nintendo Switch Release Date, Updates: Nintendo Direct Shows Gameplay for Title; New Trailer for 'Splatoon 2'

Facebook/NintendoSwitchNintendo Direct streams a new presentation for "ARMS."

Nintendo Direct will be showing a presentation for "ARMS" that will give future gamers a glimpse of its gameplay. Meanwhile, a new trailer for "Splatoon 2" will also be featured in the presentation.

All are invited to watch Nintendo Direct's presentation for "ARMS" today, Wednesday, May 17, on its YouTube account or official website. The broadcast, which will happen at 11 p.m. U.K. time, will provide "a deep dive" into the new "ARMS" game designed for Nintendo Switch, the company confirms.

"ARMS" is a new fighting video game that enables up to four players in one battle. Each player will be able to choose their own character and rely on their extendable arms in knocking out their opponents.

Among the features that Nintendo Direct will reveal in the upcoming "ARMS" presentation are new characters. In one of the previous trailers for "ARMS," a new character known as the Helix was introduced. Reports reveal that Helix can shrink its form and extend its limbs.

The trailer also reveals that gamers will have access to a set of interchangeable items to use in fights against their opponent.

As a bonus to those who will tune in to Nintendo Direct's presentation, they will be catching the new trailer for "Splatoon 2" — an upcoming third-person shooting game — at the end of the broadcast.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is doing a good job at bringing games over to the relatively new Nintendo Switch, especially for both "ARMS" and "Splatoon 2."

Nintendo has upgraded "ARMS" to a level that it has a unique variety of characters to choose from. Gamers have the option to choose from a series of teen stars, ninjas, and mummies. With the Nintendo Switch, gamers can choose differently from each other and test their characters by facing off in one fight with the multiple player feature of the gaming console.

"ARMS" is anticipated to be launched in June 2017.