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Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes T-800 Will Get Donald Trump Out of Prison in 'Terminator 6'

Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes T-800 Will Get Donald Trump Out of Prison in 'Terminator 6'

Host Arnold Schwarzenegger poses after a panel for "The New Celebrity Apprentice" in Universal City, California, December 9, 2016. | Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a swipe at U.S. president Donald Trump in a recent speech at the SXSW in Austin, Texas. The actor's joke came after Trump ripped into him in a speech in Pennsylvania.

Trump and Schwarzenegger have been publicly exchanging verbal blows in the press since Trump took office. In a speech directed to the military veterans, Trump attacked Schwarzenegger, but Schwarzenegger had a more savage response to his remarks.

While speaking at SXSW, Schwarzenegger joked that the upcoming "Terminator 6" will feature his character T-800 rescuing Trump from jail in 2019, drawing laughs from the crowd. Asked about the status of the film, the actor said they had to change the script for "Terminator 6" to include Trump going to prison for conspiring with the Russians. "The T-800 travels back to 2019 to get Trump out of prison!" he said.

Currently, authorities are investigating Trump and his administration for allegedly colluding with the Russians during the 2016 elections. However, Trump seems to be not taking the investigation too seriously, having called it a "witch hunt" several times.

During the event, a reporter also asked Schwarzenegger about Trump's recent speech in Pennsylvania, in which the U.S. president called him a "movie star."

"It's very nice of him to call me a movie star. I never know really why the Russians make him say certain things. It's beyond me. Why do you think he says those things? He's supposed to be very busy. He promised people that he would reform the infrastructure and health care reform. There's so many issues that need to be addressed, but he's not addressing them. He also promised to drain the swamp. Everything goes on as usual," said the "Terminator" star.

Schwarzenegger is set to reprise his role as the iconic T-800 in "Terminator 6." It will hit theaters on July 26, 2019.


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