Ashton Kutcher Diet: Steve Jobs 'Fruitarian' Meals Gave Actor Pancreas Pain

Ashton Kutcher was sent to the hospital with pancreatic pains after attempting to adhere to a fruit only diet in preparation for his role as Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was allegedly on an all fruit diet when he first founded Apple. Rumor has it that the computer pioneer threatened to name his company "Apple" if others he was working alongside failed to come up with a better name. Apple of course, seems to have stuck.

When Ashton Kutcher decided to take the part of playing Jobs for an upcoming biopic of the company's CEO, he too thought he would stick with apples to make the role feel more authentic. An all fruit diet, however, can really make your body "out of whack," according to Kutcher.

After adhering to a strict fruit diet that may have been similar to the one that Jobs had committed to, the actor complained the he was in severe pain.

"First of all, the fruitarian diet can lead to like severe issues," Kutcher told USA Today on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival where the "Jobs" biopic was being screened. "I went to the hospital like two days before we started shooting the movie. I was like doubled over in pain."

The pain was a result of pancreatic problems, which are known to cause symptoms like abdominal pain, back pain, vomiting, and a lack of appetite.

"My pancreas levels were completely out of whack," the actor admitted. "It was really terrifying ... considering everything."

In 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreas neuroendocrine tumor. Jobs died of pancreatic cancer on Oct. 5, 2011. The biopic film traces the entrepreneur's life from his beginnings of forming Apple to his involvement in Pixar and his role in developing the iPod and later the iPhone.

Despite his achievements, Kutcher said that Jobs had his struggles too but that it was his ability to overcome them that makes him an inspiration to all.

"He's a guy that failed and got back on the horse," said Kutcher. "I think we can all sort of relate to that in some place in our life where we are moving forward with something and we fall down. You have to have the guts to get back up and go again. I think I share that as well."