Attack on Titan Season 2: July 2015 Date Confirmed as a Prank

Otaku House, a Singapore-based online shop that sells cosplay costume made a statement on their blog that the long-awaited second season of "Attack on Titan" will air on July 26, 2015.

However, to the dismay of the avid viewers and cosplay patrons, the Otaku House blog post on the series has been revealed to be a prank.

The prank reached far and wide faster than wild fire on a very windy afternoon. Blogs, new sites and may other online entities shared the news thinking that the date mentioned is the real deal. Most of this spread is courtesy of social media sites, of course.

On a post update, Otaku House has been swift to alert everyone that everything was nothing but a prank.

On the said update, they thanked their "fellow otaku" for being great sports. They even opened the post saying everyone "probably guessed it [the release date for Attack on Titan season 2 is a prank]."

Of course, they expressed that ultimately there will most likely be a season 2 and possibly a season 3 to the popular anime series.

For those who don't know, "Attack on Titan" is a manga-based anime series that revolves around the story of Eren Jaeger, who joins an elite group of soldiers who fight the Titans. Titans are giant, people-eating humanoids that invade the last bastion of humanity to wreck fear and havoc.