Attorney for the Defense

 Across the highway from our church is the county jail where I lead a weekly Bible study. As I was leaving yesterday, I noticed a red Corvette convertible parked near the courthouse with the license plate, "IDEFNDU." The attorney who drives it is probably very skilled in that line of work.

What about God's laws? Assuming you are a lawbreaker like the rest of humanity, who do you plan to have representing you when your case comes up on the docket? You are going to need a skilled defender, and one who has never lost a case. You will need the best that God can provide. Fortunately for you, there is such a Person.

His record is immaculate. His credentials are second to none. And His ability to defend His "clients" is supernatural. That is, it goes beyond anything you can fathom with your natural understanding.

You need His knowledge. You need His help. You need Him defending you. But will you make the call? Will you "pick up the phone" through prayer and ask Him to represent you? Or will you procrastinate and end up in God's courtroom without Jesus on your side?