Australia's Largest Ex-Gay Ministry Closing Down

An ex-gay ministry purported to be the largest in Australia has recently announced that it will cease operations.

In a letter sent to supporters last week, Living Waters Australia Director Ron Brookman wrote that "it is time to wind up the ministry."

"There is nobody who has been identified, trained, or who is willing to take up leadership … It seems that the Lord is preparing to do something new in bringing healing to the broken," wrote Brookman.

"One of my concerns as I have faced the pain of closure is that it will look as though those who have vehemently opposed us have prevailed."

Brookman also wrote that his "deepest desire" is still "to see the image of God restored in the lives of His people. Wholesome heterosexuality alone reflects God's image."

According to its website Living Waters – based in Ramsgate, New South Wales – identified itself as "developing a nationally known network of groups for the healing of people's damaged emotions, relationships, and sexuality."

"Living Waters is biblically based, of evangelical persuasion and seeks to minister God's mercy to Christians who struggle in these areas, offering understanding, care, and a safe place for processing and restoration," read an entry on their website.

"We believe that the power of Jesus' death on the Cross, His resurrection life, healing, mercy and grace is sufficient to bring healing to or deliverance from the sexual and relational brokenness of our lives."

Evan Hurst of Truth Wins Out, an anti-ex-gay organization, wrote Thursday that he approved of the news.

"One by one, these groups are falling," said Hurst, likely alluding to the closure of Exodus International's United States offices last year with his remarks.

Hurst also wrote that this was further proof of the changing social tide against ex-gay therapy found in both the United States and Australia.

"No major professional medical or mental health organization is willing to endorse the practice, citing the fact that it's harmful and ineffective," wrote Hurst.

"And indeed, the Christian culture is changing, both in Australia and in the United States, moving toward fuller inclusion and acceptance for LGBT people."

Other organizations offering ex-gay therapy and ministry remain in Australia, including Liberty Christian Ministries, Inc. of Rozelle.

Living Waters is expecting to fully cease operations by the end of the month.