Author Buys River Tay Mansion, Hogwarts Look-A-Like, for $2 Million

The author known as J.K. Rowling has purchased a home comparable to Hogwarts, records state. The news comes after Rowling was awarded one of the highest honors in the United Kingdom, the Freedom of London, which is similar to keys of the city here in the United States.

Rowling was able to purchase the River Tay mansion for only $2 million, according to It features 20 chimneys, a medieval burial site, numerous rooms and several kitchens. The home is meant to be a sanctuary for the world-famous author, as it is relatively isolated from the rest of Perthshire, Scotland.

The mansion dates back to the 1800s and will require some renovation, which Rowling already has underway. She is reportedly planning to remove construction between her mansion and a property on a neighboring plot and instead plant a garden.

It is ironic that Rowling should enjoy such luxury after becoming an internationally known author. Her series, "Harry Potter," was written during a time when Rowling was down-on-her-luck and struggling. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" was published in 1997 and immediately received praise. Since then, six more books followed, as did eight movies.

Rowling again created a stir when she announced she was working on her first novel for adults, though children and adults alike have devoured the "Harry Potter" series. "The Casual Vacancy" is due in September of this year and has already received numerous pre-order sales.

This past weekend, Rowling was honored with the Freedom of London, which includes a certificate and the "keys" to the city.

"I am prouder than I can say to be given the freedom of the City, which, on top of all the known benefits- and few people realize this- entitles me to a free pint at the Leaky Cauldron and a ten Galleon voucher to spend in Diagon Alley," she joked.

As readers will know, the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley are both popular places in the "Harry Potter" series, which has sold over 450 million copies.