'Avatar 2' Release Date, News: Sigourney Weaver Teases Major Underwater Scenes

Facebook/Avatar"Avatar 2" will premiere in December 2020.

"Avatar 2" star Sigourney Weaver teases major underwater adventures in the sequel to the 2009 hit. According to reports, filming for the upcoming movie has just gone underway, but the actress seems to be already having a blast.

"Avatar 2" is still more than two years away from its release, but fans already have an idea of what's in store for them when the film hits theaters. Earlier this week, Weaver revealed in an interview how much work they are putting into the sequel, particularly in the pre-production phase and principal photography.

The actress revealed that the upcoming film would feature several underwater scenes. She mentioned that she had to learn to hold her breath for long underwater in order to do these scenes. "There's a whole discipline for how you build up to spending that amount of time underwater. It's really the most fun I've had in a long time. I just wish the movies were coming out sooner, because I feel like the world needs more 'Avatar' as soon as possible," the actress said.

Weaver revealed that she had to learn how to free drive and be scuba-certified prior to filming. However, when cameras start to roll, she and her fellow actors simply ditch their breathing apparatus, and they just dive in on their own. It can be recalled that in the first "Avatar" film, the characters in Pandora are able to hold their breath longer than humans can.

Considering James Cameron's track record as a filmmaker and his fascination with the ocean depths, his ambitious vision for the upcoming film shouldn't come as a surprise for fans. Previously, the director recreated the sinking of the Titanic for his movie "Titanic." For this, he explored the Mariana Trench in his own submersible.

"Avatar 2" is scheduled to open in theaters on Dec. 18, 2020.