Avengers Alternate Opening With a Hulk Surprise? (VIDEO)

A new alternate ending has been released for "The Avengers," which will released on DVD on Sept. 25.

The theatrical version of "Marvel's The Great Avengers" begins with an attack scene on S.H.I.E.L.D. A perfect start according to some, but could have been better say others. Now movie fans have just been offered a glimpse into an alternate opening to the film.

The verdict? It's a little mixed.

In the alternate opening, New York city is seen after being ravaged. The scene then cuts to Maria Hall in the middle of a S.H.I.E.L.D. interrogation, charging Nick Fury with the bulk of the damages.

"You want to know what went wrong? How this horror, this catastrophe could have been averted?" Hill asks her interrogators, who shoot back, "A lot of people are dead, Agent Hill. Somebody has to answer for that."

"A lot of people have to answer for that," she answers. The interrogator then names Nick Fury, whom he states Hill has made several complaints about.

"He's reckless. We're at war and he thinks about superheroes," Hill says of the S.H.I.E.L.D. director. "Who would bring those people together and not expect what happened?"

Hulk took some by surprise in the scene.

"Was I the only person scared to death when the Hulk was suddenly shown roaring???" XMen4Ever8290 asked on the Huffington Post blog. "I almost had a freakin heart attack!!!"

Meanwhile, other more stable-minded viewers gave mixed reviews to the alternate opening.

"I didn't like this alternate beginning. I liked the extended scene after the Hulk crashed. I might even splice it back in," GentleNatureMan chimed in.

"The theatrical cut's opening and all the sequences introducing the Avengers were a drag on a too long movie and should have been cut dramatically," another user opined. Not many supported his viewpoint, however.

"Wrong! But thanks for playing," one user prompted, to a general consensus.

What do you think?