Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Were Drugs Involved?

Reports are now surfacing that drugs could have played a part in Lisa Irwin's disappearance from her Kansas City home in October.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, a talk show host on HLN, said Wednesday that while it is known that Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, was drunk the night the 11-month-old disappeared, another "intoxicant" could have been involved.

Velez-Mitchell had Megan Wright on her show Wednesday. Wright received a 50-second call from one of Bradley's mobile phones on the night Lisa went missing. The mobile phone also went missing that night and some speculate they were taken along with baby Lisa.

Wright is the ex-girlfriend of John Tanko, who has also been question by authorities. She revealed Tanko was involved in drugs.

On Velez-Mitchell's show, Wright said she “found out that he was getting into some drug activity,” and she thought he was into "meth."

She went on to claim Tanko would “disappear for hours on end with no explanation.”

“He was quick to anger. I just couldn’t handle it any more. Towards the last couple of days I was actually fearful being around him,” said Wright.

Lisa went missing on Oct. 4 and her mother admitted to falling asleep drunk that night. Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, worked an unusual night shift, did not return home until around 4 a.m., and noticed his daughter was not in her crib. He then called the authorities.

Police have searched her entire home, surrounding areas and even a lake in an attempt to track her down.

Authorities have been investigating and conducting interviews all week. They have interviewed Bradley's brother and the spouse of neighbor Samantha Brando, who was drinking with Bradley the night Lisa disappeared.

Police are still approaching her disappearance as a missing person's case and not a murder case.