'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Dating Again, Could Lead to Marriage

Former "Bachelorette" star Emily Maynard confirmed that she is in a new relationship that is going "really, really well." The former contestant called off her engagement to Jef Holm one year ago.

"I have been seeing him since January," Maynard told Life & Style at the Shoes and Jewels party in Los Angeles. "It's going really, really well. Maybe one day [we'll get married]. I don't want to jinx anything!"

The new man, whose name Maynard would not reveal, lives close to her and daughter Ricki in Charlotte, North Carolina. It certainly makes the relationship easier than the one she had with Holm, who frequently visited Maynard and wound up moving there to be closer to her. Eventually, though, the relationship fizzled out and they called off their engagement.

Holm proposed to Maynard on the season finale of the "Bachelorette," but it wasn't long after the show aired that rumors of infidelity on both sides began flying. The pair decided to separate and finally broke off the engagement, surprising many who had hoped Maynard would find happiness for herself and daughter Ricki.

Ricki is also the daughter of NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, who died in a plane accident in 2004. She was prominently featured on Maynard's season of "Bachelorette," which was a unique twist to the dating show. Maynard only let Ricki meet two men throughout the whole series, wanting to shield her from meeting someone who may not be a permanent part of her life.

"I regret how it turned out, for sure," Maynard said when asked if she regretted being on TV. "It makes me sad, but it all worked out in the end. I couldn't be happier. It was all a blessing. My days are over. I gave it my best shot," she added when asked if she would ever consider being on another TV show.

Maynard competed on the "Bachelor" but after Brad Womack ended their relationship, she decided to go on her own journey on the "Bachelorette." Unfortunately, that relationship did not last either.