Bachelorette Finale Spoilers: Emily Still Engaged to Jeff Despite Feelings for Arie (VIDEO)

Emily Maynard is happily engaged according to Reality Steve, who has revealed who Maynard picks just ahead of the finale airing of "The Bachelor."

Despite being a fan favorite, racecar driver Arie Luyendyk, Jr. just couldn't keep up according to Reality Steve, who has stated that Maynard has picked and is currently engaged to Jef Holm, despite tabloid gossip to the contrary.

"Emily and Jef left Curacao and engaged couple," Reality Steve reports. Some reports have suggested that the finale will leave viewers in suspense.

"This live finale is not going to be her making her decision between both guys, or, they leave us hanging in Curacao with Jef proposing and Emily saying she needs more time to think about it," Steve adds. "Nothing like that. They got engaged in Curacao, and despite whatever garbage you read elsewhere, they are still engaged today."

Steve did however admit, that lingering feelings appear to still exist between Emily and Arie, an issue which should be addressed in the season finale.

"What I've been told is at some point since filming ended, Arie and Emily may have had some sort of contact," Reality Steve wrote in a July 17th blog. "Whether it be a phone call, a text, etc. I don't know. But for whatever reason, there's some "lingering feelings/issues" with these two that will be addressed come the live finale. However, it does not affect what's already taken place, and that's Emily and Jef being engaged."

Steve also states that Arie and Jef both appear to still be on good terms and have maintained their ongoing "bromance" which suggests that Arie won't be making any sly moves anytime soon. Apparently Arie never actually proposed to Emily, although the reasons why have not been made apparent.

It has also been revealed that the next bachelor is still confirmed to be Roberto Martinez despite rumors that he turned the show opportunity down because he was in a serious relationship.