Bad Christian Rap Names Hashtag Hits Twitter

A hashtag called #BadChristianRapNames hit Twitter towards the end of last month and spawned a list of monikers combining some of hip-hop's most famous with terms frequently used in Christianity.

The thread was actually started by Rapzilla writer Steve Patton.

"Last night I was in a silly mood. While I had the sillies, I came up with the idea of a Christian rap name 'Crawse.' It made me laugh to myself and I shared it with some people around me. We all laughed and then … it hit me," he said. "I wonder what other people would add to the discussion of something called #BadChristianRapNames."

What came from the hashtag was pretty amusing. Twitter user @KevinGarcia replied to the post with a slew of names that utilized some of the genres established artists. "Pray-Z, Kanye Blessed, 2 Changed, Notorious G.O.D. and TruePac" were the names he listed.

DJRhino also contributed some names to the discussion. "Methodist Man, Pentecostal Papa." Lecrae's very own DJ Official added names to the list with "Pray Allen, Joe Burden and Chief Priest."

The most retweeted contribution to #badchristianrapnames was written by comedian Chris Williams, who also listed an album name for his artist. "Lil Wade N Da Water. Album dropping this fall called 'I'm Stepping In.'"

Patton's personal favorite from the discussion was "Twerk Franklin," which was added by him and DJ Official along with "Trey Song of Songs."

Other names mentioned in the discussion included "Hurricane Chris-tian, Dem Disciple Boyz, Lil Bow Down and 3 Days Mafia."

The overall discussion revealed how much some Christians know about hip-hop since most of these names are variations of many secular artists' monikers. Rapzilla is a music site dedicated to the coverage of Christian hip-hop.