Baldwin Boycott Demanded by American Airlines Flight Attendants (VIDEO)

American Airlines flight attendants have requested that Alec Baldwin’s hit show “30 Rock” be pulled from in-flight entertainment options following last week’s tirade between the actor and members of the flight crew.

Baldwin was escorted off an American Airlines flight bound for New York after disobeying an attendant’s request to turn off his cell phone while the plane was at the gate in preparation for take-off.

A back and forth display between airline representatives and the star has since been drawn out in the media. Baldwin apparently made the situation worse when he decided to appear on NBC's “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend and offer a bogus apology to himself that ended up making a mockery of the incident.

Now because of the nature of the situation and Baldwin’s disregard for sympathy towards the attendants, officials from the flight attendants association are calling for a Baldwin boycott on all American Airlines flights.

A statement from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants reads, “The APFA has requested that American Airlines remove the show from future flights, but would be agreeable to implementing it again if and only if Mr. Baldwin publicly apologizes to American Airlines flight attendants.”

To make matters worse while Baldwin was lamenting over the treatment he received for his actions aboard the aircraft he compared the travel experience he received to that of the Greyhound bus company.

In Baldwin’s attempt at an apology, he felt the treatment of flight attendants was too rigid because attendants "walk the airplane with a whistle around their neck and a clipboard in their hands, and they have made flying a Greyhound bus experience."

That comment prompted the President and CEO of Greyhound, Dave Leach, to ask for an apology for the “disheartening” statement that Baldwin made while also inviting him on a bus trip from New York to Boston. Leach further explained that Baldwin would enjoy the trip "because we don’t require our customers to turn off their electronic devices…ever.”