Baseball Babe Bank Robber Sought by FBI

After a series of recent bank robberies in Arizona the FBI is beginning to ask for help from anyone who may have any information that could help investigators with their investigation.

According to officials, the suspected bank robber is described as a female who wears a baseball-style hat and is said to have a "youthful" appearance. The suspect sometimes wears sunglasses during the robberies.

She is white, about 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 150 pounds. She usually wears latex gloves during the robbery. The bank robber has earned the nickname "Baseball Babe Bandit" because of her interest in wearing the hats, but recently she wore a Muslim Hijab to rob a fourth bank.

The FBI has requested the help of local citizens in order to catch the bank robber, who is suspected of robbing three banks in Mesa between March and June 2012, CBS reported.

The three banks involved are the Compass Bank on Southern Ave., at Fiesta Mall, the Compass Bank at Apache Trail and Greenfield and the Bank of America near Dobson and 8th St., according to local news reports.

When robbing the banks, the suspect showed a demand note and threatened the bank's employees. When finished, she is seen leaving the banks on a bike. During the most recent incident the suspect reportedly handed the teller a note stating that she had a gun.

FBI Agent Lance Leising told local media, "We have not seen a weapon."

Anyone with information on the alleged Mesa robber is encouraged to call the FBI tip line at (623) 466-1999.

The most famous bank robber in recent memory is Clinton Harris-Moore, who earned the nickname Barefoot Bandit after he was caught barefoot. The teenager stole cars and airplanes and flew one plane to the Bahamas, but crashed his last plane while landing and was eventually caught, barefoot.