Battlefield 4 Available for $25 on Black Friday at All GameStops

Battlefield 4 will be available for $25 at GameStop on Black Friday as well as a host of other great games.

GameStop will be opening their doors at 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 29 across their 4,000 stores, reported Gamespot.

Some of their best deals include an Xbox 360 250GM bundle with Halo 4 and Tomb Raider for $199, PS3 250GB bundle with The Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Asylum for $199, Just Dance 4 for $14.99, and the Sophix 7" tablet for $69.98, buy two get one free (games, accessories, and consoles), and an Xbox 360 with 20GB hard drive and controller for $99.99.

Although Battlefield 4 is only $25, the game as a whole has not been without its problems. Its developer DICE has said they are not proud of the launch problems the game had and are vowing to make the game perfect.

"I am extremely proud of the people at DICE and everyone across EA that contributed to the development of Battlefield 4," Karl Magnus Troedsson, general manager at DICE, told Polygon. "However, I am less proud to see that the game has experienced some turbulence during the launch period. While some platforms have had only minor problems, others have had more than their fair share of issues. Resolving the launch issues is our #1 priority."

Some of the launch problems concern lots of server and game crashes as well as Internet instability. Most of the problems have occurred for the PC and PS4.

DICE will be giving back to gamers who bought the title and will reward them for sticking with the game. From Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, they will be offering double XP to all multiplayer matches. On Dec. 5, they will introduce a special M1911 pistol scope, which was originally an exclusive for the game's developers.

Last week DICE said it will be releasing a series of patches in the next few weeks to fix up many of the problems that have been occurring with the game on the PS4.

Battlefield 4 was released on Oct. 29 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, the PS4 on Nov. 15 and on the Xbox One Nov. 22.