Baylor Neon Uniforms: The Bright Side of Winning (VIDEO)

The Baylor basketball team unveiled their new, post-season uniforms Thursday night and much to the surprise of unsuspecting fans, they were neon yellow.

neon Baylor Uniforms(PHOTO: Twitter/ Josh Teater )Is the Baylor basketball team at the @transchamp today?

The new yellow uniforms are one of three designs developed by Adidas for college basketball teams. Uniforms developed for Cincinnati and Louisville were also debuted by Adidas on Tuesday, but neither drew as much attention and controversy as the new, neon threads donned by Baylor.

The uniforms were "created exclusively for this year's NCAA tournament run" and meant to "pay homage to the high intensity of March Madness," according to USA Today. The news site also reported that the uniforms are 28 percent lighter, to help players increase speed on the court.

Whether or not the uniforms were technically impressive appeared irrelevant to numerous fans on social media sites. For many, the shocking neon color was simply too much to overlook.

"I'm sorry but if Baylor is playing you have to watch them in black and white!" Greg Anthony wrote on Twitter.

"Baylor's uniforms are burning my retinas. I need one of those welder's helmets to watch the game," another Twitter user, Jay Bilas added.

"If the #Baylor men don't win their #NCAA game tonight they can help elementary school kids cross the street in the morning," Kevin B. Blackstone joked on Twitter.

Whether the uniforms made an impressive fashion statement or not, seemed irrelevant to the Baylor Bears who won Thursday's night's game against the South Dakota State Jackrabbits 68-60.

Are the Baylor uniforms just a bit too much? The National Ledger suggested that the highlighter uniforms may be at least a bit too much for HDTV.

Of course, for all the Photoshop pros out there who have gotten a kick out of green-screening and floating babies, the Baylor uniforms may be perfect for setting up some shots of a self-dunking basketball.