Beardless Duck Dynasty Brother? Photo of Alan Robertson Confirms New Cast Member for Season 4 (Trailer Video)

A new beardless Duck Dynasty brother is set to make waves on the hit show, according to reports this week.

(Photo: A&E)A beardless Duck Dynasty brother has been confirmed for the new season.

According to there will be a new cast member joining the new season of Duck Dynasty, and if rumors are correct he will look very different to the cast members fans are used to seeing on the show.

The beardless brother is called Alan Robertson, and it is believed that he is the eldest son of Phil and Kay.

In a leaked photo from the show he is shown as the clean shaven cast member, and he is also not wearing camouflage clothes like the others.

Alan Robertson himself has reportedly said that he is joining the show to help spread the word of God.

The show has become famous for the boys praying at the end of every show, and in that faithful aspect, the new cast member seems like he will fit in perfectly.

The prayers at the end of each show had caused some backlash from some, and the network allegedly had asked them to eliminate the prayers and limit the use of guns on the show. However, those requests upset the family and they threatened to leave, according to reports.

Willie in particular insisted that he would not do the show if they were forced to take their prayers out. His threats quickly forced the network to relent on its demands, and the prayers continued, and the show has continued to go from strength to strength.

New member, Alan Robertson has said that he hopes to use this opportunity to minster to more people than he could other ways available to him.

The new cast brother will also be joined on the show by his wife of 29 years, Lisa.

Season 4 of Duck Dynasty premieres on Aug. 14, 2013 on A&E.