'Beauty and the Beast' Season 2 Spoilers: Cat and Vincent Reunite

"Beauty and the Beast" returns to the CW this Monday, March 3 with an episode entitled "Catch Me If You Can." The popular CW show has fans eager to find out answers to the many cliffhangers, and for spoilers, keep reading.

Kristin Kreuk portrays detective Catherine Chandler in "Beauty and the Beast," and after last week's episode, her character received an ultimatum from Gabe (portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy). Cat must choose between her boyfriend Gabe and her friend, Vincent, in order to save her relationship, but the decision is complicated by the fact that Vincent is in love with her.

Looking ahead to the winter finale, "About Last Night," Vincent and Cat will be forced to revisit a romantic destination from their past, according to the Latino Post. The inextricably linked pair may end up rekindling their love.

Executive producer Jennifer Levin and showrunner Brad Kern shed light on Cat's situation during an interview with TV Guide recently.

"The design pf this part of the season is for Cat and Vincent to grow as individuals," Kern said. "They came together so fast for Kismet, epic reasons, but that's not a long-term relationship. You have to figure out who you are separately which is painful, but also comedic and adventurous."

Kern also pointed out that Cat and Vincent's interaction is realistic.

"You got the perfect guy right there who's handsome, rich, working hard to make his amends, trying to be protective of her," he said. "It's hard for a woman who's been dealing with a beast who's made some really bad choices not to look at the perfect guy that every mother would want their daughter to marry and give him a second look. It would be inauthentic if we didn't play that."

The synopsis of Monday's episode "Catch Me If You Can" reads: "Cat must make a choice between Gabe and Vincent. Later, Cat and Vincent find themselves is a compromising situation."