Bernie Madoff's Pants Being Sold as iPad Covers

Bernie Madoff, the Ponzie scheme kingpin, might have ruined a lot of people’s lives, but his pieces of his pants are doing some good – by keeping iPads warm.

A web developer named John Vaccaro started making iPad covers out of clothes a while ago. But when he heard about Madoff’s clothes being sold at an auction to raise money for the families of Madoff’s victims, Vaccaro knew he had something people would be interested in, according to a blog on

The initial batch sold out in a day, the blog notes, and have since become a hit among the moneyed Wall Street crowd, with bankers and hedge fund managers paying as much as $500 for a piece of Madoffs old clothes to wrap their iPad in.

When asked if anybody had any ethical objections to profiting off a man who has ruined so many lives, Vaccaro told, “Nobody’s really objected. People are like, oh, that’s cool-then people are like, oh, that’s kind of weird. At the end of the day, [they] like owning a piece of history.”

The iPad covers are made from Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren pants with color selection ranging from off-white to navy blue. And if desired, a certificate of authenticity will be provided by Vaccaro upon purchase.

The dangers of capitalism allowed Bernie Madoff to make billions off a grand-scale Ponzi scheme that was built on stealing money from unsuspecting people. And it’s the poetry of capitalism that allows some guy to make money off of Bernie Madoff’s pants.