Beyonce Attacked? Footage Shows Singer's Hair Being Pulled (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) iam.beyonce.comBeyonce performs in the Mrs. Carter World Tour in Croatia

A viral video supposedly showing Beyonce getting her hair pulled during a show in Serbia has fans up in arms, however, the alleged incident is yet to be addressed by the Grammy award-winning singer.

On April 15, Beyonce, 31, kicked off her Mrs. Carter World Tour at the Kombank Arena in Belgrade, Serbia and the video in question shows the pop star briefly interacting with the crowd. It is unclear whether the recording actually took place during her Serbia show.

One seemingly overzealous fan tugs the singers hair and another bizarrely pats her face which causes her to flinch.

While some celebrity news bloggers suggested the pop star was viciously attacked by crazed fans, the video does not support these claims.

Beyonce's longtime bodyguard, known as Julius, is seen getting the situation under control, and contrary to reports the singer appears uninjured and proceeds with the show.

Irate fans took to social networking site Twitter where many expressed concern after viewing the 3:13 minute video.

"It doesn't look like a slap to me but her hair definitely got pulled. The video creeps me out, people are crazy! Feel bad for Beyonce," one Twitter user wrote.

"The ratchet who snatched my BEYONCE hair lucky that I wasn't in Serbia to snatch them," an outraged fan tweeted.

"Beyonce's hair got pulled in Serbia!! Some people are such savages. Don't ever mess with the QUEEN B!!!" another wrote.

The singer reportedly performed 23 tracks and had a series of wardrobe changes throughout Monday's show. After going on to perform in Croatia and Slovakia, Beyonce is scheduled to perform next in Holland on April 21 as part of her European tour.