Beyonce, Jay-Z's Baby Blue Ivy Gets $800 Swarovski Crystal-Encrusted Sneakers (PHOTO)

Beyonce Knowles and Shawn Jay-Z Carter's 8-month-old daughter is becoming somewhat of a fashionista and trendsetter following reports that a prominent designer recently created custom-made designer shoes for the infant.

Designer Ruthie Davis created the stunning sneakers for baby Blue Ivy, who allegedly cannot yet walk, and called them the Baby Ruthies 1. The tiny designer shoes feature $800 worth of amethyst Swarovski crystals, purple laces and immaculate stitching, according to Mail Online.

"Take a look at the Baby Ruthie's I made especially for Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy... SO Sweet, right?" read a messaged posted on Davis' Facebook page alongside a photo of the adorable shoes.

The designer's line of bedazzled Pierce sneakers generally retail in the U.S. for around $1,898. It is unclear whether the Carters paid for the shoes as some media outlets have reported that they were a gift for the couple's first child.

Jay-Z has openly admitted that Blue Ivy, whose wardrobe reportedly already features various designers including Adidas and Marc Jacobs, is spoiled.

The normally private 42-year-old opened up about the issues of parenthood in a special edition of "Oprah's Master Class," which recently aired on the OWN network.

"I imagine I'll take things I learned from my mom and things I've learned from raising my nephews and apply that. Then at the end of the day, I just know I'll probably have the worst, spoiled little kid ever," Jay-Z said on "Oprah's Master Class" program.

The couple, who has been married for four years, reportedly spent at least $1.5 million on Blue Ivy's nursery, according to The New York Post.

(PHOTO) Ruthie Davis: Facebook PageBaby Blue Ivy received custom-made Ruthie Davis sneakers which feature approximately 0 worth of Swarovski crystals

Among the lavish nursery items is a $600,000 solid gold, handmade rocking horse from Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka; a $19,995 Fantasy Carriage crib from PoshTots; a $15,000 Swarovski crystal-studded highchair designed by Carla Monchen; and a $285 Jean Paul Gaultier silk bib to burp on.