Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors Addressed by Husband Jay-Z

Beyonce Knowles pregnancy rumors have been swirling over the past week, but the singer's husband, Jay-Z, is speaking out about whether the pair of entertainers is expecting their second child in the near future.

Jay-Z, 42-year-old music mogul and partial owner of the Brooklyn Nets who recently opened his new 40/40 club in the Barclay Center that he helped open in his hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y., spoke about his wife's rumored pregnancy Thursday. When asked if Knowles was pregnant, Carter responded with some humor at an event premiering NBA 2K13 at his 40/40 nightclub Wednesday.

"Tonight?" Jay-Z responded to the E! News reporter who asked if his wife was having another baby. "No."

When the reporter got more specific, the music mogul and Nets owner born Shawn Carter responded by saying, "Not in nine months. Absolutely not."

However, the E! News reporter made sure that the rapper was not playing coy and inquired about the other upcoming months that Knowles could deliver a child.

"No," Jay said. "Not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine months."

The rumors of Knowles being with child began on Sept. 23 when the couple was spotted dining at a New York City restaurant with the singer wearing a form fitting dress by Roberto Cavalli that revealed what some believed was a baby bump.

While some fans took to Twitter to speculate about Knowles' pregnancy, a source reportedly told Star Magazine that the couple was ready for another child a few months prior to her outing last weekend.

"They see no reason to wait. It took them a while to conceive Blue Ivy, so they don't want to waste another second," a source close to the couple reportedly told the publication. "Beyonce and Jay-Z adore being parents, and they're as hands-on as they possibly can be. Beyonce has found a passion other than music, and it's being a mom."

However, Knowles' own mother, Tina Knowles, denied reports that her daughter was pregnant.

"It's gonna happen when it's time, but not right now," Knowles' mother told "Access Hollywood". "Of course I [want more grandchildren] though! I harass [Beyoncé] all the time."