Beyonce Pulled off Stage by Crazed Fan (VIDEO)

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Beyonce was dramatically pulled off stage by a crazed fan during a performance in Brazil and as usual, the pop star brushed off the incident and resumed the show.

While giving a live rendition of her hit song "Irreplaceable" Beyonce, 32, kindly kneeled before fans in Sao Paulo and embraced one particular shirtless crowd member with a hug. The unidentified man swiftly yanked the pop icon from the stage but thankfully her security team was quick to respond by forcing him off the singer and helping her back on to the stage.

"It's all right," Beyonce reassured the stunned crowd before turning to the crazed fan and saying "I love you, too."

This is not the first time that the "Grown Woman" singer has been attacked by fans while performing in her Mrs. Carter world tour.

In April video footage allegedly taken from Beyonce's Belgrade, Serbia show appears to show two overzealous fans inappropriately touching her as she interacts with the crowd. One fan is seen tugging her precious locks second before another pats her face causing her to flinch however she escaped unscathed.

Beyonce's longtime bodyguard, known as Julius, was able to quickly get the situation under control and as usual she proceeded for her fans without any complaints.

Weeks after the creepy incident the Grammy award-winning artist was slapped by yet another crazed fan during a performance in Denmark, however this time she was not so forgiving.

An unidentified man was seen lunging at the mother-of-one before slapping her behind and the visibly shocked singer briefly stopped dead in her tracks to condemn his inappropriate behavior, according to a video posted via YouTube.

"I will have you escorted out of here right now, alright?" Beyonce said while glaring directly at the fan.

In July the singer encountered more drama while performing in Montreal, the Canadian province of Quebec, when her hair got caught in a stage fan. While singing "Halo" Beyonce's blonde locks appeared to be stuck inside of a fan prompting the assistance of her bodyguard, known as Julius, and crew members.

Eventually the singer was freed and she continued with the high-energy performance after laughing off the incident.