Beyonce Personal Life Shared on Tumblr, Singer Joins Twitter

Beyonce's personal life with Jay-Z has been shared in photos on a new Tumblr account Thursday, just one day after the couple's fourth wedding anniversary.

Following the birth of the couple's daughter, Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Beyonce have remained largely out of the media's spotlight.

Additionally, Beyonce re-launched her website,, on Thursday, and also created an official Twitter account.

"Hey World, It's B," wrote the singer on Thursday via her new Twitter account. "I'm so excited to invite you to my new we've been working hard, and it's finally ready for you XO."

After just one hour, the message has already been retweeted over 9,000 times. The singer's brand new Twitter account already claims nearly 4 million followers.

On, the mother of Blue Ivy is seen posing in dozens of photos with family as well as friends.

A message on the website posted by Beyonce reads, "The vault is the heart of my site. My videos, photoshoots, behind the scenes, my travels and between the lines, all yours to explore. Love, Beyonce."

One image includes Beyonce while pregnant with her baby bump visible posed next to her nephew, Julez.

The candid photos reveal Beyonce often free of makeup while on vacation, and some even offer looks at what is assumed to be Jay-Z's private marriage ceremony four years ago.

Also, Beyonce's Tumblr offers fans several never-before-seen video clips of the singer.

On Twitter, Beyonce fans have flooded the social media site with their excitement over the news images, causing Beyonce's Tumblr to become a trending topic on Thursday.

"I spend too much time staring at Beyonce's tumblr," wrote Kristen. "omg love her."

"Beyonce's Tumblr is amazing," wrote Elaine.

Da-Shanta posted, "Just added Beyonce's tumblr on to my home screen I'm obsessed already. I love Bey!"

Twitter user Suomi joked, "I'm done w/ life, @Beyonce has launched a tumblr documenting family life w/ Jay-Z etc… I never need to look at anything else #happiness."

To view Beyonce's new site, visit