Beyoncé Tumblr Page Features Blue Ivy Pictures, Star Spotted Shopping at Target in TX

Beyoncé was spotted browsing the isles as Houston-area Target dressed casually as stunned shoppers looked on.

Earlier that day Beyoncé was seen at Pappasito's in Richmond at Hillcroft while fans photographed her pushing a stroller with her daughter Blue Ivy. Both Beyoncé and Blue Ivy were spotted strolling through the restaurant.

Beyoncé is currently in the middle of her tour and had a show at the American Airlines Center on July 6 in Dallas.

Beyoncé spent time last week with her daughter, Blue Ivy, her mother, her sister, and her sister's son as all six family members were in Miami with the pop singer posting photos of the vacation to her Tumblr account.

In one of the photos, the star can be seen walking through the sand while she holds Blue Ivy's hands. The singer appears laid back wearing a loose fitting, colorful shirt over shorts and a band around her wavy hair. Blue Ivy wears a pink ruffled summer dress.

In a second photo, Beyonce can be seen holding her daughter near her face. Blue Ivy, wearing a large sun hat that covers her face, has a careful arm placed on her mother while she sits on her lap. Last week Beyonce also posted photos of her and her daughter as the two played at a Brooklyn park in Park Slope. Despite the number of people around, the pair appears to enjoy themselves without being bothered by others.

Beyonce has been careful about carving out family time in the midst of busy world tour. On Sunday the singer returned to the stage in Nashville where she reached out to the crowd, asking for a moment of silence to remember Trayvon Martin. A jury found George Zimmerman, the man accused of killing Martin, "not guilty" on Saturday, prompting a number of protests across the country.