Beyoncé's Father Defends Against Accusations of Embezzlement

Matthew Knowles has attempted to take legal action against Live Nation this week, in response to accusations involving the embezzlement of tour funds from his Grammy award-winning daughter, Beyoncé.

Live Nation, a preeminent company that specializes in live entertainment all over the world, claimed Matthew Knowles was taking money from his daughter late last year.

According to Rolling Stone, Beyoncé told her legal staff to take an audit of tour finances after she was told that her father was embezzling money. The resulting audit allegedly led Beyoncé to fire her father.

Since then, Beyoncé hired a former executive of Live Nation to take over the managerial position.

Father, Matthew claims that the allegations about foul play concerning his daughter are completely false. In a petition filed against Live Nation, he blames the company for strained business relations with his daughter.

"Upon information and belief, after failing to secure the rights to Beyoncé's world tour, Live Nation agents or representatives made statements to Beyoncé, alleging that (Knowles) had stolen money from Beyoncé on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds," said the petition filed in Harris County District Court.

After 15 years of managing his daughter, Knowles asked a Houston judge for the opportunity to question Live Nation about the proceedings leading up to their accusation of his foul play. The 60-year-old also mentioned the possibility of building a lawsuit against the company.

Beyoncé recently released her fourth studio effort titled “4”. This is the first release that the singer has produced without the management of Matthew Knowles.