BGEA Equips Kids to Walk With God, Be Disciple of Jesus

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has launched an initiative aimed at helping children grow in their faith and share their beliefs during a current social climate in which youth face a lot of opposition, says a training director for the group.

The Ultimate Mission, a 12-session Bible study developed for ages 6-10, was announced this week at the annual Children's Pastors Conference in San Diego, Calif. "We're looking at basic discipleship. What does it look like to walk with God in a way that I might be asked about my relationship with Jesus Christ, and then will I be ready to give an answer?" said Chad Miller, BGEA's director of Children's & Youth Evangelism Training, during a product review of The Ultimate Mission with peers and children's pastors.

"It's clear that 6-10 year olds – unlike previous generations – are being asked, and sometimes even harassed, about their faith, and we're ready to come alongside the churches to let these students know that they're not alone," Miller said. "We want to equip them to take a stand and give an answer whenever someone asks them about the hope they have."

The Ultimate Mission introduces students to characters Jacob and Jordan, missionary kids who take the children through three books (each book containing four lessons) on the topics of: God's Great Gift, Walking with God, and Sharing God's Gift. Through the study, the students will have an understanding of sin and redemption from a biblical perspective, learn from the examples of people who walked with God, and ultimately become equipped to share the Gospel of Jesus with others.

In addition to the curriculum materials, a website has been built to support both the students and the teachers. encourages kids and parents with additional Gospel presentations, follow-up materials and the specially-tailored children's version of "Steps to Peace with God." The teacher's resource area will offer additional tools to aid teachers in presenting the curriculum, including handouts and other materials that are developed as the content emerges and evolves.

The curriculum includes a teacher's guide, books for five students, and a package of "Steps to Peace with God" tracts specially designed to help children share their faith with their friends.