'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Winner and Fan Favorite Announced

Last night's season finale of "Big Brother" left jurors to decide the winner of $500,000. After a grueling Head of Household competition, Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer were left struggling to decide who the final two would be. Who won the money and who was elected Fan Favorite? Read on to find out all the details.

When we last left "Big Brother," the three final contestants began the three-part Head of Household competition. Spencer dropped first, leaving GinaMarie and Andy to battle for the automatic spot in the final part of the competition. Andy dropped next, giving GinaMarie the win and the security of competing in the HOH finale.

For part two of the competition, Andy and Spencer squared off to earn that final spot and move one stop closer to the final two and $500,000. Andy won the competition and battled GinaMarie for the final Head of Household title and the ability to choose whom to take to the final two. The two talked strategy and decided to take one another to the finale because Spencer could have a real chance at winning the money.

At the Jury House, McCrae revealed all about the Exterminators. Candice and Aaryn revealed that they had become friends since being in the Jury House. Amanda expressed her disdain for GinaMarie, who played with the Exterminators; Aaryn said she respected GinaMarie even more for getting Amanda out of the house and standing up to her.

Andy won the final Head of Household competition and decided to take GinaMarie to the final two, citing a promise he made to her on the first night in the house. Spencer joined the jurors who were allowed to question GinaMarie and Andy about their actions in the house.

Spencer, McCrae, Elissa, Amanda and Helen all voted for Andy, giving him the win and $500,000. Elissa was named the Fan Favorite and took home the $25,000 prize, bringing conclusion to one of the most watched seasons of "Big Brother."