'Big Brother' MVP Revealed, Secret Nomination Made (SPOILERS)

"Big Brother" unleashed the latest twist of the season, with the first-ever MVP named during last night's episode.

After a surprising nomination ceremony in which Jessie and Candice were put up for eviction, the five-man alliance known as the Moving Company celebrated their victory. Yet McCrae set about making amends with Candice and Jessie in order to protect himself should one of the two women stay in the house.

Candice suspected that McCrae could be a member of an alliance with the other men in the house; it unsettled the current Head of Household but he didn't give anything away.

"It's pretty much assumed that Elissa will be the first MVP, and why? Because of her sister?" Jeremy said.

The majority of the houseguests assumed that Rachel Reilly's sister (Elissa) would be the first MVP because of her recognition. And all of those contestants were right because Elissa was chosen as the MVP and given the power to nominate a third houseguest for eviction, without fear of being exposed.

Elissa then spilled the beans to McCrae in the hope of working together to nominate the third person. He had to work hard to keep members of Moving Company off the block, since Elissa wanted to target a strong player. It came down to David or Nick for Elissa…. In the end, she nominated David, keeping things friendly with McCrae.

McCrae, hoping for a side alliance with Amanda, told her that Elissa was MVP. He then turned around and told Elissa that he told her secret, much to her shock and dismay. Amanda turned the tables and brought a lot of the houseguests up to the HOH room for a showdown.

The Power of Veto competition featured McCrae, Candice, Jessie, David, Elissa, and Howard. Elissa was out to win the veto and save herself from possibly being put on the block and going home, given the fact that she hasn't made many friends in the house. McCrae won the Power of Veto, and saved Candice from eviction. He then nominated alleged friend Elissa.

The next episode of "Big Brother" airs Wednesday night on CBS.