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Bill Maher's Jokes Aren't for Black Children

Bill Maher's Jokes Aren't for Black Children

He said he was only joking. OK. So I guess Bill Maher thinks that if it's only a "joke," then it's OK to stereotype one particular race and slander every black person in America with his racist views. On HBO's Real Time, he recently said, "If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea. Black people know who you are and they will come after you." But then he laughed and said he was kidding.

Let's see....racist comment....laughter...."I was kidding." Is that how it works? Just because he is a liberal doesn't mean he is entitled to say something so bigoted.

I wonder how many black people Bill Maher actually knows. The vast majority of black people do not teach their children to riot in the streets and hurt white people if a black candidate loses an election. Bill needs to get out of his ivory tower and go to Sacramento and meet Dr. Philip Goudeaux....or at least listen to why this black man votes his values rather than simply voting according to race. 

Black parents want their children to be law-abiding citizens....not thugs as Bill Maher suggests. This is why black children should be spared from hearing Bill Maher's racist ideas. It will only plant seeds in their heart and mind which could get them into trouble down the road. If Bill would visit with Dr. Goudeaux, he could learn a lot about what to say and what not say when trying to be funny at the expense of black people.

Why does Bill have to single out one race anyway? We are all Americans. It is wrong for anyone to suggest that all people of a particular race are interested in causing harm to others. So he got a laugh out of it? Big deal. It only reinforces the racist ideas which people like Bill Maher have of black people and white people. What stereotypes does he hold concerning other races? I suppose he will espouse those racist views in future "jokes."

To suggest that all white people think a certain way....or all black people think a certain way....well, that is racist. But I guess if we put it in a joke, then it's OK. That's the problem with liberals like Maher....too many things are a joke to them....and they don't know how to appreciate the conservative values held by so many black people and white people and brown people.

Take gay marriage for example. Many in the black community do not see eye-to-eye with Bill Maher on this issue. Black people think through the issues just like people of all races. So why would he single out the black race and "jokingly" refer to them as hoodlums? That's simple....he doesn't care if it sounds offensive, as long as he can get as many black people as possible to laugh at his "joke" and embrace his message.

That in itself shows a total lack of respect for black people. It's as if Maher believes that black people can't or won't think through his logic....and realize how racist it is. But I am guessing he sure thinks of himself as a supporter of black people. If he really cared about black people....and black children who might hear his racism, then he would have a change of heart and think before he speaks. Just because something is funny to him does not mean that it is respectful to an entire race.

Are there white people and black people who are extremists? Of course. Are there white people and black people who are just looking for a reason to inflict pain on people of another race? Of course. There are a significant number of haters like that in America. But why fan the flames of those who are prone to riot and act in lawless and violent ways? Why spew that venom even if it's just in a "joke." It's no joke when white extremists or black extremists injure people. To joke about it only adds to the problem.

When Maher is this irresponsible on television, it calls into question whether or not it is time for him to move on to something that won't allow him to "joke about" these harmful ideas to vulnerable children. I know, I know....Maher would laugh at the thought that it is time for him to move on....but I am sure that many black parents who heard his racist comment are not laughing. Perhaps at a instant reaction....but when you stop and think about Maher's ideology, it is pretty scary. "If the liberal candidate (who happens to be black) gets defeated, then black people will come after white people to hurt them." Boy that's a responsible and helpful perspective....and one that will promote healing in America after the election.

Black children in America deserve to grow up in a country where white people and black people are not encouraging them to harm others when the vote goes a certain way. This is America. We need to all get along in the best possible way. Maher's "jokes" do nothing to help black children. It only sets them up for failure....and violence....and jail....if they embrace and carry out Maher's "joke" and his "funny" ideas about hurting people of a different race.

Maher knows he can't say this sort of thing in a serious way and get away with it....and so he puts it in a "joke" to soften the impact. But the impact is real, however soft it may appear. I know....Maher says he was just kidding. So maybe everyone should be able to say anything....and then add, "I was kidding." I guess that is supposed to make it all better. parents can decide for themselves whether or not their children will be exposed to comments like this from Bill Maher and those who share his ideology.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people with conservative values among all races in our country. And in America, we are free to choose who we elect and whose values we are going to embrace, whatever their race may be. The vast majority of liberal and conservative Americans are not interested in "coming after" people of a different race in an attempt to harm them. We already have plenty of pain being inflicted over the airwaves by "comedians" like Bill Maher.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.