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A Conservative Black Pastor Says: 'If I Were President, I Would…'

If I were President, there would be no special treatment for anyone entering our country illegally. I would send a special delegation to Israel to study how to build a fence, secure it and then electrify it.

After the border is secure, I would put out a clarion call that all illegal aliens have six months to register and the clock starts ticking when the fence starts construction. When we catch them after that, there will be no citizenship possibility and then we would deport them. My concern would be for those who have been here for years and sought legal ways to gain citizenship and I would work with Congress to put them on the fast track like they do inmates on death row in Texas, fast and efficient. I would be sensitive to not breaking up families because that would be inhumane of course, so if you are caught after six months, then you and your whole family, whether your children are born here or not would be deported because you had six months to make it right. I would work with all illegal aliens if they sign up to do everything possible to get their green cards or work permits. However, if someone is attempting to gain citizenship, they must go to the back of the line.

If I were President, I would make a new commitment to Israel and announce the Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization, stop all shipments of money, weapons and planes to Egypt until a free government is elected that we deem is free and not a threat to our greatest ally, Israel. Syrian leadership must go and no one on either side will get help from us until we deem it safe for Israel and America. Iran would have one warning to disarm or we will stand with Israel to do it for them.

I would demand a special prosecutor for the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, CIA and Fast and Furious scandals. There would be no need to investigate Eric Holder because I would fire him today for his past incompetence and malfeasance.

I would work to re-establish our Supreme Court so it would return to being the third branch of our government instead of another arm of our politically driven system. I would start by appointing true constitutional judges instead of democrats or republicans. With a true and balanced Supreme Court, marriage would be turned back over to the states, where it belongs and not in the halls of the court.

If I were President, there would be no welfare support for any unwed mother or father after their first child because anyone can make a mistake but not three, four or five times. That is not a mistake, that is a lifestyle and I would refuse to help support that kind of subsidiary lifestyle, especially when each child has a different father.

I would cut the food stamp program by two-thirds tomorrow with further cuts coming soon in the near future.

I would cut unemployment benefits down to six weeks, with few exceptions for hardship cases and see if we can get American citizens to take some of those jobs that people talk about only illegal aliens wanting. The Bible teaches if a man does not work, he does not eat, especially when he is capable of getting up every day and doing so, but you say there are no jobs, well there would be if I was President by following my policies.

I would ensure we build the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the gulf. I would find ways to improve fracking, to give permits for companies to drill in our own gulf, Alaska, and any other states that have oil. And I would make sure our people have the money to build more refineries. I want to produce jobs and cut cost and make sure it is not the payback plan for unions to give to a particular political party. Oh by the way, I would push for the freedom to not join a union or for the freedom to direct where you would like your dues to go.

If I were President, I would find a way to abolish the Department of Education and give it back to the states.

As President I would find ways to cut taxes and overbearing regulations on businesses, especially those within the coal industry.

As president I would put an end to this prejudice, jealousy and class warfare we see so regularly and start legislation on passing a flat 10 percent tax on everyone.

If I were President I would eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and turn that control back over to the states.

Then I would get in there and help lead to make sure the legislature had enough votes to de-fund Obamacare.

If I were President, I would give the American people enough reason to help me win the Senate and keep the House and if for no other reason, than to get rid of Harry Reed, who is not good for this country.

Just sayin', if I were President, this is what would start happening in this great nation of ours.

Dr. Ken Hutcherson is Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church outside Seattle. He is a former Seattle Seahawk and Dallas Cowboy linebacker who lives with his family in Redmond, Washington.

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