Blake Lively Stalker Slapped With Restraining Order

"Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively has taken out a restraining order against an obsessed fan she says is stalking her.

A Los Angeles court heard the obsessed fan, Sergei Mifle, has been stalking Lively on the set of "Gossip Girl." Security for the show said they saw Mifle "lurking around the set all day watching her," according to reports.

"That day made me very nervous and afraid for my safety," Lively said. "I am worried that Mifle might follow me around and harm me."

The peculiar stalking resumed on Feb. 6, when the crazed fan called Lively's mother Elaine, saying, "I have to help her. She's troubled." According to reports he also claimed to have a "metaphysical" connection with the star and that she was there "to help me heal."

Her mother directed him to write her an email about his concerns, which would provide evidence of his stalking. Within two days, Lively had received two emails and two further voicemails, with one threatening her.

In her declaration she stated she's fearful for her personal safety and the personal safety of her mother's. A Los Angeles County Court judge issued the restraining order, which forbids Mifle from going anywhere near Lively or her mother.

Lively however, is not the only star currently fearful of a stalker.

Madonna's crazed stalker Robert Hoskins recently escaped from a mental hospital, and is now turning his attention to Halle Berry, threatening to kill her.

The threats, which gruesomely include slicing Berry's throat, are so bad the "Monster's Ball" star has allegedly considered relocating to France with her fiancé, Olivier Martinez.

Hoskins has a long history of deranged and frightening behavior. After threatening to kill Madonna, he was caught lurking around the singer's property in 1995, and her bodyguards were forced to shoot him.