Bloodborne PS4 Release Date: Exclusive PS4 Title Will Premiere Early 2015

"Bloodborne" comes exclusively to the Playstation 4 this coming 2015. The game is developed by From Software and published by SCE Japan Studio. The game was announced June 9, 2014 during Sony's Conference at the E3 via a reveal trailer.

Youtube/ScreenshotBloodborne reveal trailer

As much as players like to believe it, "Bloodborne" is not a sequel to any of From Software's previous releases like "Dark Souls I," "Dark Souls II," and "Demon's Souls." The game's director Hidetaka Miyazaki himself has confirmed that the new game was not a sequel.

The game takes place in an ancient city called Yharnam, which was known for housing a medical remedy. Many pilgrims, including the game's protagonist, have journeyed to the city in hopes of finding the cure to their disease but only discover that the place has been cursed. The city's inhabitants have been deranged and monsters roam the streets. The player must then defeat the city's inhabitants and its monsters in order to survive.

A Playstation blog reveals details what players can expect from the "dark next-generation console game." One of the details about the game is that it will feature the same challenging difficulty setting seen in Miyazaki's other games.

"You're going to constantly feel terror because when you face each enemy, you will also face death. Every fight could be your last," Miyazaki explains.

Of course, the game's director wouldn't allow players to fight the hordes of enemies unarmed. The game features a protagonist that brandishes a shotgun in the left hand, as well as a scythe-saw hybrid melee weapon in the other hand. What's more, the melee weapon can transform into a myriad of forms that the player can use to suit his play style.

From Software has not announced an exact release date yet but from the trailer, the game is expected to come out early 2015.