Bobby Brown Arrested on Suspicion of DUI, 'Seriously Considering' Rehab

Bobby Brown has been released on bail following an arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. The news comes after Brown left rehab after checking in August. He has had a history of alcohol addiction and trouble. Now he is considering checking back into rehab after this latest incident.

"Sources close to Brown tell us … even though Bobby has been through rehab before, he didn't take it very seriously in the past … because he didn't truly believe he was an alcohol abuser," TMZ reported.

Brown has not made a decision about rehab, but "his friends support the idea. They don't want to push him too hard because they know treatment will only be effective if Bobby makes the decision by himself," TMZ added.

Brown was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in March and checked into rehab in August. He has been through the system before, leading his friends to believe that the next stop in his life will be jail instead of rehab. Brown has had a tumultuous year with ex-wife Whitney's death, and the scandal that came out of the funeral.

He made the decision to leave the funeral early in order to perform at a concert and was criticized for leaving daughter Bobbi Kristina behind to mourn on her own. Since then, he has not been seen in Kristina's life. Rather, she has been raised by her mother's side of the family and appears on a new reality show.

One concern is that Kristina has been filmed drinking wine, which the Houston family says she used to do with Whitney. They are concerned, however, that she could be headed down the same dangerous paths as her mother and father. Yet if Brown turns his life around, it could be good for Kristina to see.

Brown is currently free on bail, though it is not known how much his freedom cost.