Boss Selling Restaurant for $2 M to Help Employee With Brain Tumor Says She Did Not Sign Up for Obamacare Because She Thought It Was Cancelled

(Photo: KHOU)Michael de Beyer (l) and Brittany Mathis, 19.

German restaurant owner Michael de Beyer says he is hoping to sell his Montgomery, Texas, restaurant, Kaiserhof, for $2 million to help save a 19-year-old employees with a brain tumor who says she did not sign up for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as "Obamacare," because she thought the law was cancelled.

"She did not sign up for Obamacare because of all the misinformation and negative comments wherever you look and hear. She believed it to be cancelled. Well, for all the people that tried so hard for Obamacare not to work, thank you very much. At least you had some success, so be happy," wrote de Beyer in a long post delivered in halting English on his Facebook page Wednesday.

According to a KHOU report , de Beyer's employee "waitress extraordinaire" Brittany Mathis is suffering under the weight of mounting medical bills to treat a tumor which may or may not be cancerous, and the confusion surrounding Obamacare left her in a position where she doesn't have insurance for her uncertain medical state.


Responding to critics doubting his motives for what appears on the surface to be an incredibly magnanimous gesture, de Beyer admits that he has been trying to sell the restaurant since 2005 and maybe he is simply using his employee's story to unload it.

"This is not the first time that this property is for sale. In 2005, when I found out that soon there going to be a third little de Beyer living in our one bedroom apartment, I got so scarred [sic ]that this would never work out with the lifestyle that the restaurant demanded from us in order to be successful. I instantly ( same day ), listed the place for sale. Aug. 27, 2005, that was just when hurricane Katrina made its way to Louisiana," wrote de Beyer.

"Last summer, when I managed to get a day of for me and Rosi (his wife) at the same time and we all were in the car on the way to see a movie and Zoe (now 8 years old), said, 'WOW that's the best vacation ever,' that was when I started to lose my passion for what we worked so hard for so long," he wrote.

"That's when I went public, that's what is the big mystery behind it. I am not just trying to safe [sic] one girl no I try to safe [sic] three girls, and maybe it's not me helping Brittany it's her helping me. You judge for yourself," he noted.

Luckily for Brittany, in case de Beyer's restaurant doesn't get sold, there is still a lot of time for her to sign up for a health insurance plan under Obamacare, according to a Lancaster Online report.

Although the deadline for health coverage under Obamacare effective Jan. 1 was Dec. 23, she can get coverage based on additional deadlines through March 31.

If she signs up for health coverage under Obamacare by Jan. 15 and pays the first month's premium she can have coverage starting Feb. 1.

Other deadlines are:

* Sign up and pay the first month's premium by Feb. 15 for coverage effective March 1.

* Sign up and pay the first month's premium by March 15 for coverage effective April 1.

* Sign up and pay the first month's premium between March 16 and March 31 for coverage effective May 1.

Anyone without health insurance after March 31 will face a tax penalty under Obamacare.

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