Boy Killed, 25 Injured In Stampede of Elephants in India

A toddler has been killed and 25 others seriously injured after an elephant stampede in India.

The famous Koodal Manikkam Temple at Irinjalakuda was a scene of chaos as people were left screaming and running for their lives as an elephant went out of control, sparking a number of other elephants around it to begin running.

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(Photo: Reuters/Sivaram V)Mahouts, or elephant drivers, sit in a shadow casted by their elephants who are participating during an annual temple festival in India.

Police have now reported that a two-year-old toddler, Yadu Krishnan, has been confirmed dead following the incident. It is believed that the youngster was killed as hoards of people ran terrified to get away from the crazed elephant.

Twenty-five others were also injured, according to officials and all have now been taken to nearby hospitals for treatment and further assessment of their conditions.

The tragedy unfolded on the final day of an annual festival held at the temple. The elephant, called Kannan, was being taken to the festival when something must have agitated it. The elephant suddenly went berserk and started thrashing its tusks back and forth knocking a number of people to the ground. One of those injured was a nearby police inspector.

The out of control elephant caused huge panic among festival goers, and the ensuing chaos unsettled other nearby elephants which then started running.

The running elephants sparked scenes of fear and panic as those attending the festival fled for their lives. The two-year-old boy, who was with his grandmother, fell down in the rush of people and was crushed. His grandmother was also knocked down and suffered serious injuries; forcing her to be hospitalized.