Brad Pitt Yodeling With Jimmy Fallon on NYC Rooftops Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Brad Pitt has added a new skill to his resume, this one is an unexpected talent for yodeling.

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(PHOTO:YouTube Clip)Actor yodels on rooftop.

Living in New York City can be a stressful experience. With nothing but tall buildings and the lack of fresh air, it is sometimes hard to find a minute alone. But luckily, there are always rooftops to escape to for those New Yorkers who need a break from the daily grind.

Jimmy Fallon recently decided that to make a rooftop escape after dealing with a desk full of paperwork. And of course the best thing to do to alleviate stress is to yodel. Thus begins the night hosts' skit with Brad Pitt. In a video that can be seen on YouTube, Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt happen to have a chance encounter from different rooftops.

The skit begins when Fallon exits his office, heads to the rooftop, and begins to yodel. But instead of silence, the host hears a return yodel and feigns a surprised reaction. He continues with a few more yodels before the camera switches to reveal that Pitt is also on his rooftop and yodeling as well. The two then being a conversation via their yodeling, which fortunately has been translated at the bottom of the screen for those who don't speak yodel.

After Fallon yodels a congratulations to Pitt on the success of "World War Z" which stars the actor, the two decide to try an unconventional "double yodel."

 "A double yodel? But that's never been done before!" Fallon yodels in response to Pitt's suggestion about trying something new.

After a moment's hesitation, the two men give their best shot at yodeling in unison. The exchange is then finished and both men yodel a good bye. Of course, it appears that both men are actually "lip-yodeling" in the skit.