Brazilian Model Threatened After Sandy Photos

Brazilian model Nana Gouvea has alleged that she has received threats after posting pictures of herself posing in various areas of devastation left over from Hurricane Sandy in New York, which sparked a backlash from many who thought them inappropriate.

(Photo: Nana Gouvea via Facebook)Nana Gouvea posing by crushed cars and fallen trees

Gouvea, 30, posed by fallen trees and crushed cars left from the storm that caused the death of at least 80 people and affected the lives of millions across the U.S. East Coast.

"I am being threatened by a group called Anonimous! They posted my personal information (…)! This is terrorism! I am scared for myself and my family! I did not hurt anyone!" she said through her Twitter account.

According to Gouvea, her Facebook profile has been blocked for one week. "I am very sad for this."

Her photos posted on her Facebook went viral and sparked instant outcry due to her "bad taste shoot." Some internet users accused her of being "heartless and disrespectful."

Gouvea was also mocked after posting the photos. A Facebook page and tumblr account called Nana Gouvea in Disasters have surfaced to satirize the model.

The photos of her posing were Photoshopped onto scenes of other major tragedies including 9/11, Hiroshima, the Hindenburg disaster, the sinking Titanic, among others, as people mocked her.