'Breaking Bad' Finale: Star Uncle Jack's Reflection

With fans still reeling from the ending of cult phenomenon "Breaking Bad," stars of the show have started discussing what the ending of the show means to them. Michael Bowen, the actor who played Uncle Jack Welker on the hit AMC original drama, recently talked about the ending of "Breaking Bad."

Bowen talked with The Hollywood Reporter about watching the final episode.

"I was at the charity screening [at the Hollywood Forever cemetery] last night. I lost myself watching it. I was right there with the crowd when Todd got wiped out. I was yelling and screaming. You could hear the crowd reacting -- that means we did a good job. And when I got blown away and they clapped, I was very satisfied," the actor said.

Bowen found the ending of the show very emotional. He revealed what it felt like to be on the final set, shooting the end of the show.

"It was very sad. You've created this family in a unique, creative environment on this great show. The last day was rough. It was a good day but it was a sad day. We shot it at three in the morning," Bowen said.

Despite the emotion of filming the last episode, it was still not the most difficult episode for Bowen. He told THR that the scene in which he killed Hank was his most difficult.

"The scene where I kill Hank. On the paper I'm looking at it. 'OK, OK, it's pretty hard. It's going to be what it is.' But on the day, when that was getting close to happening, I was getting very emotional when Dean was talking to Bryan. And Bryan's saying, 'Please, please, please' -- he's pleading for Hank's life. And Dean knows what's happening. Just his eyes -- the clarity in his eyes. I'm glad the camera wasn't on me, because my lip was shaking. I was about ready to cry. It really affected me," Bowen said.