'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Episode 13 Recap: 'To'hajiilee,' Where A Partnership Begins and Ends

"Breaking Bad" season 5, episode 13 recap: this is the episode fans have been waiting for. "To'hajiilee" was the violent, vitriol filled, maddeningly intense and dismally empty spectacle the show is famous for- showrunner Vince Gilligan delivered, and not a character or a moment was wasted in the Indian reservation desert the episode is named for.

"Breaking Bad" season 5, episode 13 opens up with the current methamphetamine cook and blasé murderer-for-hire Todd falling short while meeting with Lydia and his uncles. His version of the Heisenberg formula is only 76 percent pure and not even slightly blue. We're given the answer to Walter White's mysterious phone call from the end of last episode to interrupt Todd's ineptitude.

"Just one target, not currently in jail. Jesse Pinkman," Walt says, giving Todd the go-ahead to kill him.

Meanwhile, Jesse's plan comes to fruition as well, with a little creative thinking from Hank. Hank and Gomez visit the overweight bodyguard and scare him with a picture of a seemingly dead Jesse, brains splattered on the kitchen floor. The ruse scares Huell into going into protective custody and revealing that Walt's money is buried somewhere in the desert.

Walt, still under the impression that Jesse is a lone danger, sets the terms of his murder with Todd's uncle in a meeting- ironically enough, he wants it done humanely, which showcases that his morality, however twisted, still extends to "family."

"Jesse is like family to me. I want what you do to be quick and painless," Walt explains. However, the negotiation for Jesse's death will cost him far more than money.

"We don't want your money. We want you to cook for us. … You want us to do this job, do it right? That's the price," says Todd's uncle, Jack.

"One cook. After the job is done," Walt relents, shaking hands in a deal with the devil.

Walt's attempt to "flush Jesse out"- a manipulative visit to Andrea, who calls Jesse's phone and leaves a voicemail- is intercepted by Hank, who sees right through the trap.

"Nice try a-hole," says the DEA agent, clicking the Hello Kitty phone shut with finality.

Jesse and Hank's plan catches Walt off guard at the car wash, working perfectly, however. A photo of Walt's barrel of previously buried money was sent to his phone, and the drug kingpin rushed out into the desert, desperately trying to convince his former partner not to burn his stash.

"Yes I'm sorry about Brock! But he's alive, isn't he?! He's fine, just as I planned it! Don't you think I knew exactly how much to give him?! And I had it all measured out, come on! Don't you know me by now?!" Walt cries in frustration. "Can't you see that I needed you on my side to kill Gus?! I ran over those gangbangers, I killed Emilio and Crazy 8, why?! I did all of those things to try to save your life as much as mine! Only you're too stupid to know it!"

But the desert was a trap, and once the drug kingpin realizes it, he calls Todd's uncle, frantically seeking backup. He changes his mind once he sees from hiding that Jesse is now working with Gomez and Hank, though.

"Forget it. … Don't come," Walt says tearfully.

His slow surrender to the DEA in a Christ-like pose belies his malice for Jesse.

"Coward," Walt says as Hank arrests him. Jesse spits in his face and Walt tackles him, forcing Gomez and Hank to put them in separate cars.

Hank calls Marie, excited about finally arresting his brother-in-law in a short exchange; the brevity and love between them heavily foreshadows the terror to come.

Against Walt's instructions, Todd and his family of heavily armed, Neo-Nazi thugs show up, guns in hand. The standoff lasts for a minute, but the intensity stretches it to hours.

The last moments we see, all hell breaks loose, with bullets flying everywhere as Hank and Gomez are hopelessly outgunned. Walt and Jesse are pinned down by the hot lead, and it's doubtful everyone survives the confrontation.