Brett Farve's Sister is Sued Stemming from Meth Arrest

The younger sister of future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Farve is being sued by her neighbors stemming from a methamphetamine lab raid by police that took place last year.

According to the lawsuit Brandi Farve, 34, was one of the individuals involved in the production of methamphetamines which caused extensive damage to Farve’s neighbor’s house.

The couple claims a company that specializes in detecting methamphetamines residue and cleaning the toxic chemicals associated with the manufacturing of meth found "widespread meth contamination" in their home after Brandi's January 2011 arrest.

Subsequently the company recommended the entire property be scrubbed down to remove the chemicals that had collected in their house.

As a result of the cleaning, the couple claims they were forced to take up residence elsewhere for the next five months that the house was being detoxified and restored to a livable condition. This proved not only to be a massive inconvenience, but also was very expensive.

The couple is now suing Brandi and her alleged accomplices for unspecified damages.

The lawsuit comes after the original arrest of Farve last January. Investigators arrested Favre and four others after narcotics officers discovered an active meth lab in a condominium complex in Diamondhead, Miss. Favre faced two felony charges which included one for manufacturing methamphetamine.

Investigators were surveilling the house after an undercover narcotics officer purchased methamphetamine from the house, but not from Farve, according to reports.

This is not the first time that a public figure or their family was arrested for methamphetamine possession.
Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield was arrested last November in North Carolina after cops found methamphetamine inside his home. The searched the property after a report of stolen goods on his property. The 42-year-old Mayfield has not raced in NASCAR since 2009 when he was suspended after failing a random drug test.