Britney Spears to Feature on Madonna's New Album

Rumors are circulating online that Britney Spears is set to feature on Madonna's latest album "MDNA."

The news leaked on Britney's fan page, with a picture which appeared on the new album sleeve, which featured Spears' name beside the opening track "Girls Gone Wild."

Representatives for both singers refused to confirm or deny the collaboration, which would be the second time they have teamed up, the first being "Me Against The Music" on Spears' "In The Zone" album in 2003.

The pair caused a great deal of controversy by kissing onstage during their "Me against the Music" performance at the 2003 MTV Music Awards.

Madonna is a constant subject of controversy in many religious circles, angering Religious groups often. The most infamous incident which enticed outrage in the religious community involved the singer hanging from a cross and wearing a crown of thorns onstage.

"Is Madonna prepared to take on everything else that goes with wearing a crown of thorns? And why would someone with so much talent seem to feel the need to promote herself by offending so many people?" said a spokesman from the Church of England.

Madonna's 1989 "Like a Prayer" was also condemned by the Vatican for burning crosses and sexualized saints.

The singer recently announced a 2012 World Tour to promote her new album. It is set to be her most extensive yet, beginning on May 29 in Israel, and takes her to places like Australia where she has not been in 20 years, along with 26 European markets.

Her new sure to be controversial album "MDNA" is set to be released March 26.