Jeremy Lin Willing to Recruit Free Agents for the Brooklyn Nets

(Photo: Reuters/Stringer)Jeremy Lin with the Charlotte Hornets in 2015.

The Brooklyn Nets will have a lot of room to maneuver this summer thanks to their available salary cap space. They are going to try their best to assemble a competitive team for next season, but convincing a top free agent to join them isn't going to be easy. Fortunately, Jeremy Lin is willing to act as a recruiter this summer.

"I'm sure I'll be involved. I'm sure when July comes around, I'll be trying to pitch. I'll know what the plans are, and I'm sure I'll be pitching and doing my best to get these guys to come," Lin said last week, according to NetsDaily.

Lin definitely has his work cut out for him, but he said a number of players have already expressed interest in joining the Nets.

"I honestly don't think it's going to be that hard of a sell. First of all, it's Brooklyn. It's New York. Second of all, everyone can tell this culture is completely different. You can talk to the players. There's a freshness, a different vibe, and what we did after the All-Star break will help," he stated, according to the New York Post.

Okay, let's be honest here. The lure of playing in a big city like New York isn't the same as it was before. So, Lin better use another tactic if he wants to convince players to sign with the Nets. Still, the chance to play with Lin and Brook Lopez should be a major selling point for free agents this summer.

Lin was right when he pointed out that their play after the All-Star break was going to draw some interest. They finished the season strong and they showed the rest of the league that their record would have been better if Lin wasn't sidelined earlier this season.

Right now, the Nets' roster needs a massive overhaul if they want to compete for a playoff spot, but they should be in good shape next season if they can add a top free agent or two this offseason.