Building Collapse in India Kills at Least 7 People, More Injured

A four story building collapse in India on Tuesday took the lives of seven people after monsoon rains weakened the structure.

Located in the financial district of Mumbai, rescuers used sensors and life detectors to search through the rubble to locate those trapped under it.

Six other people were injured Monday night when the building, called Altaf Manzil, caved in, according to USA Today.

The injured were taken to Bhabha Hospital at suburban Bandra, KEM and Sion Hospital.

Vijayendra Dahiya, an official at the National Disaster Management Authority, said the cause of the collapse was not immediately known, but reports from India suggests it was due to changes made to a car showroom on the ground floor that weakened the building.

A similar tragedy happened in April, when 74 people were killed in an eight-story building collapse. It was later found out the structure was being built illegally in the suburb of Thane in Mumbai.

That incident led to the arrest of nine people. Among those were builders, municipality officials, and even police officers.

69 people were killed in New Delhi in 2010 because of a similar collapse.

Structures coming down in India is common as builders use cheaper materials to get buildings up , BBC reports. The need for housing along with corrupt workers makes many of these operations dangerous and illegal.