Bungie Announces 'Destiny' and 'Destiny 2' Servers Weekly Reset

Facebook/DestinyTheGameBungie has just finished its first weekly reset for "Destiny" and Destiny 2" servers.

Bungie has scheduled a weekly reset for both of its online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video games, "Destiny" and "Destiny 2."

According to Video Gamer, the resets will happen on a weekly basis every Tuesday at 5 a.m. EDT. The first one already took place this week and lasted for a number of hours.

During the weekly reset, players will not be able to access the games. Those who are playing the multiplayers at the time of the reset will receive a notice warning them of a downtime. This should be enough for them to end their missions and exit the games. Those who are still logged in an hour after receiving the notification will automatically be removed from the game.

Bungie has explained that the resets are needed to update the activities and rewards on a weekly basis. Once players have completed the missions for the week, they will have to wait for the next update to receive new loot. The maintenance will reportedly affect Nightfall, Meditations and the Raid. The Destination Milestones will also be refreshed, including Challenges, the Flashpoints, Clan XP and the Crucible's Call to Arms. Players will definitely appreciate running through them again in order to receive bigger and better rewards.

The reset will also affect the items on the Eververse Bright Dust inventory that are on sale, as well as those from the other vendors. The Eververse inventory is expected to change per week. For instance, gamers will find Xur selling different items after every update.

Meanwhile, Express reports that the first scheduled maintenance did not go without a hitch. The "Destiny 2" server downtime is said to have taken longer than the promised number of hours. When it eventually came back online, Bungie warned the players that they might experience server queues, especially for those using the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This was reportedly due to high traffic in accessing the game.