'Buxom Bandit,' Curvaceous Thief, Robs Gas Station at Knifepoint (VIDEO)

The "Buxom Bandit," a well-endowed Australia thief whose nickname comes from her low-cut top, robbed a gas station. The blonde woman may not be on the run long, though, as she made a series of amateur mistakes.

The Buxom Bandit robbed a Queensland Gold Coast gas station, and although the voluptuous blonde got away, the evidence she left behind could be the reason she's caught. She busted into the gas station wearing all black, but made one very important mistake: she forgot to hide her face.

Now, police have her photo, which was captured on the gas station's surveillance camera. From there, they can tell that she is most likely in her 20s, and has long blonde hair— another telling mark of an amateur, because it was also unconcealed.

Her mistakes didn't end there, either. When she burst into the gas station while her unknown male accomplice filled up on gas, the Buxom Bandit wore a glove to conceal her hand. The glove didn't do much good, though, as she wore it on only one hand, allowing her free hand to make contact with the counter and cash she stole.

The unknown woman initially walked into the gas station like a customer, but then came around the counter and demanded cash. She held a knife and threatened the cashier, who at first refused to open the register. After repeated terrorization, though, the attendant relented, and the woman took less than $200 cash.

Now, police are on her trail, and expect an early arrest.

"There were a number of serious threats to harm the attendant and she fled with a small amount of money," a representative for Queensland police told Channel Nine news.

After heading outside the gas station to meet up with her accomplice, the duo sped off into the night in a gold jeep reported stolen from a rental car company.